How it started…

When I started working in Sales Finance in 1996 I learned that service is essential and has to come first.

It is about to treat any client with value and respect.

Therefore I always went for the longterm client-consultant relationship approach instead of caching the big fish in the 1st meeting.

In the late 90s this was not common, and I decided to say “goodbye” to Sales in 2002 and moved on to international project management and leadership.
I met my first international colleagues and in 2005, when I visited Singapore for several business trips.

There I felt really alone and I realized how essential and helpful the support of the “insiders” there was. (Thanks to you guys!)

This really changed my mind and point of view towards foreign people and culture.

In the following years I worked in many international project teams mit colleagues from all over the world, and I saw how little the support was, they received coming over to Germany. 2012 I left the Bank I used to work for over 13 years for and I became self employed real estate broker in Düsseldorf – and again it was a close connection to international clients.

These guys trusted me and many of them became friends and they are still my clients.

In 2014 I became a professional AirBnB host with more than 600 mostly international guests over the last 4 years.

But I wanted to go back to my financial roots and that’s exactly why I started working as a self employed financial consultant for Swiss Life Select in 2016.

And – what shall I say, it is again an international client base I am dealing with.

When I sold my AirBnB business in April 2018 there was still my brand,  German Sherpa – which I now use as a Forum for Expats to share useful information and to get in contact with international people who start their new life in Germany.

It all started with a small idea. First Session was with 6 People in my office in Düsseldorf on 15th of May 2018.

In the meantime this project became bigger and bigger.

Now it is the expat team supporting me and serving clients all over Germany.

Expat Expert & Invest in Germany Initiative…